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Advanced: Build & run a local DevNet node

"DevNet" is a single-node "blockchain" that runs WebAssembly and state transition without actually running the full blockchain/consensus functionality. Essentially, you can interact with it as if it was a multi-node blockchain for the purposes of writing and testing code.

You can run your own DevNet locally by installing and running a node, which will produce blocks. The core NEAR node client is written using the Rust language, which uses Cargo to manage packages (similar to NPM).

1. Setup Rust & dependencies

The most up-to-date procedure for installing and running a node is provided in the README for the nearcore library on Github.

Follow the steps in that README to get Rust, Cargo and the nearcore library set up.

2. Run the node

Once everything is installed, you should be able to run DevNet with:

cargo run --package=devnet

3. Deploy your app to DevNet

After you have an app locally developed, you can deploy it to the local DevNet.

Download near cli tools

npm install -g near-shell

Navigate to your source directory in command line, and do the following:

  1. Create an account for your contract
near create_account --account_id <yourcontractname>
  1. Build your contract
near build
  1. Deploy your contract to DevNet
near deploy --account_id <yourcontractname>

For help using cli tools, you can use near help.

4 (Optional). Play with your node!

Execute the following in the nearcore folder to run some Python scripts which will help you test that your DevNet is working properly:

# Install pynear
cd pynear
# sudo may be required if you are not testing with a python virtual environment
python develop

# See usage of rpc helper script
pynear --help

# Get usage of sub command
pynear send_money --help

# Send money
pynear send_money -r bob.near -a 1

# Create a new account for the contract
pynear create_account test_contract 1

# Deploy code for the smart contract account
pynear deploy test_contract tests/hello.wasm

# Call method 'setValue' for contract 'test_contract' and pass arguments
pynear schedule_function_call test_contract setValue --args '{"value":"testtest"}'

# Call view function 'getValue' for contract 'test_contract'
pynear call_view_function test_contract getValue

# Call view function 'benchmark_sum_n' for contract 'test_contract' and pass n=500000
pynear call_view_function test_contract benchmark_sum_n --args='{"n":500000}'

# View state for Bob's account
pynear view_account -a bob.near

# Create an account
pynear create_account cindy 1

# View full state db of the contract
pynear view_state test_contract
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