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NEAR blockchain explorer
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NEAR Blockchain Explorer

In development.


Docker-based Setup


  • Docker
  • Docker-Compose

Build Docker images:

$ docker-compose build

Run them:

$ docker-compose up

NOTE: You may want to run them in background, so just add --detach flag.

Initialize database:

$ docker-compose exec backend npx sequelize-cli db:migrate --env development-migration

Load some dummy data (just for the development):

$ docker-compose exec backend node loadDummyData.js

Now you can reach the services:

  • http://localhost:3000/ -- frontend
  • ws://localhost:8080/ws -- WAMP router (you don't need it unless you are a developer)

Development Q&A

Q: How to run the local development version of the frontend/backend?

A: It is recommended to use docker-compose to run all the services and then stop the one that you want to develop locally (docker-compose stop frontend). (Follow the execution instructions written in the relevant README file of the subproject)

Q: How to auto-format the source code on commit?

A: Use npm install from the root of the project, so it sets up the git hooks which automatically run prettier on every commit. (We wish we don't need to have the root package.json, but husky does not support subpackages nicely)

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