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Reference NEAR Protocol client.
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NEAR Protocol - scalable and usable blockchain

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  • ⚖️ NEAR Protocol is a new smart-contract platform that delivers scalability and usability.
  • 🛠 Through sharding, it will linearly scale with the number of validation nodes on the network.
  • 🗝 Leveraging WebAssembly, TypeScript, more sane contract management, ephemeral accounts and many other advancements, NEAR finally makes using a blockchain protocol easy for both developers and consumers.

Quick start

Check out quick start documentation, specifically:

Develop and deploy contracts without any setup required using NEAR Studio:

NEAR Studio


This project is currently under heavy development. Please see Issues and Milestones to checkout the current progress and working items.

High level milestones:

  • DevNet: a tool with fully working State Transition + WebAssembly.
  • AlphaNet: Multi-node smart-contract platform.
  • BetaNet: Added economics and enhanced security.
  • (In progress) Nightshade: Added sharding and staking.
  • TestNet: Added governance module, ready to launch as MainNet
  • MainNet: Launched full blockchain.


Checkout the Running Locally and Running Remotely sections.


Checkout the Developing NEARCore section of documentation.

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