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Official NEAR Protocol client.
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NEAR Protocol - scalable and usable blockchain

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NEAR Protocol is a new smart-contract platform that delivers scalability and usability.

Through sharding, it will linearly scale with the number of validation nodes on the network.

Leveraging WebAssembly, TypeScript, more sane contract management, ephemeral accounts and many other advancements, NEAR finally makes using a blockchain protocol easy for both developers and consumers.

Quick start

Check out quick start documentation, specifically:

Develop and deploy contracts without any setup required using NEARStudio:

NEAR Studio Demo


This project is currently under heavy development. Please see Issues and Milestones to checkout the current progress and work items.

High level milestones:

  • DevNet: a tool with fully working State Transition + WebAssembly.
  • AlphaNet: Multi-node smart-contract platform.
  • BetaNet: Added economics and enchanced security.
  • TestNet: added governance module, ready to launch as MVB
  • MainNet: Launched as Minimum Viable Blockchain.
  • Shard chains: Support for scalable sharding.


This repo contains the core NEAR Protocol node client. It is written using the Rust language and contains a Python-based wrapper for interfacing to it.

Setup rust

$ curl -sSf | sh
$ rustup component add clippy-preview

You may need to activate the environment via . ~/.cargo/env to use cargo.

Install dependencies

Mac OS:

brew install protobuf


apt-get install protobuf-compiler

Build & Run from source code

# Download NEAR Core code.
git clone
cd nearcore

It will build the first time and then run:

cargo run


cargo run --package=devnet


In order to run tests currently, you must setup pynear:

cd pynear
# sudo may be required if you are not testing with a python virtual environment
python develop


For runnable apps (devnet, nearcore, etc.), you can use the --log-level option to configure the log level across all internal crates. You can also use the RUST_LOG environment variable, with env_logger semantics to override the log level for specific targets. RUST_LOG can also be used in integration tests which spawn runnable apps.


$ RUST_LOG=runtime=debug cargo run -- --log-level warn

To add new target (e.g. info!(target: "my target", "hello")), add the desired target to the list in node/cli/src/ in configure_logging function.


If you are planning to contribute, there are few more things to setup

Setup git hooks


Setup rustfmt for your editor (optional)

Installation instructions here


We currently use clippy to enforce certain standards. This check is run automatically during CI builds, and in a pre-commit hook. You can run do a clippy check with ./scripts/

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