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MegaSquirt MSQ file sharing and viewing site.

Pronounced 'masker' I guess? Supposed to be a play on imgur.

Parses MSQ "XML" in tandem with an associated INI (config) file and displays it in a familiar format for viewing and comparing.

Try it now at:

Build Status:

Development status

Firmware support:

  • MS1
  • MSnS-extra (partial)
  • MS2
  • MS2Extra
  • MS3
  • Speeduino
  • rusEFI


This is basically a one-man operation. I welcome any contributions: code, styles, text content, or simply spelling & grammar. If you're interesting in helping out, please first take a look at the existing issues and see if you can offer any assistance with them. If you don't see your issue or new idea listed there you can create a new issue. Please be detailed.

If you'd like to run a copy to develop yourself, read the Installation section below.


Needed software

  • PHP 7.x with the following extensions:
    • PDO
    • OpenSSL
  • MySQL/MariaDB

Optional software

  • Web server (Apache/nginx/etc.)
  • phpMyAdmin - For managing the DB

Development Setup

These steps could be improved

  1. Clone repo to dev directory
  2. Create database for msqur, and assign it a user
  3. Copy script.config.dist to script.config and modify for use (setup DB connection information)
  4. Copy src/config.php.dist to src/config.php (setup DB information again)
  5. Update DB with update scripts in sequential order (patse into phpMyAdmin or piped to sqlcmd, etc.)
  6. Hit webserver to start using it (eg. php -S, etc.)

Source tree description

  • db - Database scripts
  • doxygen - Doxygen configuration and generated code documentation
  • src - PHP source
    • ini - Megasquirt configuration files
    • view - PHP/JS frontend source
      • lib - JS 3rd party libraries
      • img - Static images
    • tests - PHP Unit Tests (TODO)

Update & Deployment Instructions

These steps are outdated

  • Pull updates on host.
  • Update any configuration files (config.php, script.config) if needed.
  • Run any new DB scripts.
  • Run to copy web files to web server.


msqur is licensed under the GPL v3.0. A copy of this license is included in the file in the source tree.

Who do I talk to?


This section needs to be updated