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🎮 Simple votekick voteban votemute plugin for TF2, CSS, CSGO etc (Простой плагин для организации голосований в игрульках TF2, CSS, CSGO итд, детское баловство)
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GameVoting 1.8.8

Very simple (light) voting plugin for TF2, CSS, CSGO etc


How to Install

just replace addons folder!

Contact me


Support GameVoting

If you like my job (plugin) you can send me some $$$ on beer.


Will be released:

  • RELEASED 04.08.2017 - start voting by command for all users using menus. (voteban - yes/no)
  • RELEASED 07.08.2017 - translations.
  • RELEASED 07.08.2017 - improvements.
  • RELEASED 07.08.2017 - bug fixes.
  • RELEASED 20.08.2017 - voteban reasons for "StartVote" feature/
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