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Repo for Chicago Clojure: Overtone + Quil Hacknight

Getting Started

  1. Install lein2 and git (if you don't have them)
  2. Fork and clone this repo (fork-a-repo)
  3. Run the examples (lein run)
  4. Kill the examples when you're ready to hack.
  5. Start a repl (lein repl or M-x clojure-jack-in)
  6. Hack!!!

The Examples


Draws colorful circles in response to Overtone's output using the new tap feature. Make some sound and watch see what happens.


Draws an empty window on the screen and wires it up to a nice dub-bass synth. Click and drag in the window to control the synth. When you click, you'll see a target letting you know where you left off.

Running the Examples

$ cd overtone-quil-hacknight
$ lein run

This will run the visualzer and the controller examples at the same time in different windows and start the dub-bass. Jump in and start playing with the controller window and watch the visualization.

Stuff you can do

  • Make the visualization more draw different shapes
  • Add a :freq tap and use it to change the background color.
  • Make the controller more visual! Change the shape/size/color of controller 'target'
  • Extend the visualizer/controller to work with a different synth or set of taps (it's currently hard coded).

Next Steps

Download the mini-beast (reccomended!)

Once you've got the beast running you can use your laptop keyboard to play it (no MIDI keyboard required!)

If you find something that's not working try to fix it and send a pull-request.

Port dancer.js to Clojure w/ Overtone + Quil.

This could take some time, but the work has already begun...

  • Check out the original javascript demo.
  • Use this gist as a starting point.
  • Push your code to a new repo on github.
  • Join the discussion here and share your work.