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12 Keys Chorded keyboard layout
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Juni Keyboard

The Juni Layout is a 12-keys chorded keyboard running on Pimoroni's Keybow. It was designed to be used with the Orca livecoding environment, but has most common keys and controls, making it a versatile and portable single-handed keyboard.

You can see the juni.lua in action here.


Save juni.lua into the /layouts folder, and modify keys.lua, by adding the following line and comment previously active layouts:

require "layouts/juni" -- 12 Keys Chorded Keyboard


There are 8 input keys(in), and 4 function keys(fn).

Typing letters & numbers is done by moving across the different layers of the keyboard.

row1 row2 row3 row4
in8 B in7 8 in6 5 in5 2
in4 A in3 7 in2 4 in1 1
fn4 9 fn3 6 fn2 3 fn1 0


There are 9 layers in total, by default, the 8 top keys will input the values of layer 0. Layers are navigated by holding down an input key and typing a second key. For instance, holding down in1, and then tapping in8, will input w. To capitalize it, just hold down the fn4 key, before holding down in1, and then tapping in8.

Input Layers

Layer 0 Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4
hsni wmuc kvbp 321z 0987
oate ldr* yg*f q*xj *543

Special Layers

Layer 5 — Math Layer

row1 row2 row3 row4
? ? ? *
- = / backtick

Layer 6 — Punctuation Layer

row1 row2 row3 row4
? ? * ?
; ' , .

Layer 7 — Brackets Layer

row1 row2 row3 row4
pipe * < >
( ) [ ]

Layer 8 — Navigation Layer

row1 row2 row3 row4
* home arrow up end
escape arrow left arrow down arrow right

Functions Keys

fn4 fn3 fn2 fn1
shift backspace enter space


  • To use capslock, double-tap fn4.
  • To use delete, instead of backspace, hold fn4 and tap fn3.
  • To input a tab, hold fn4 and tap fn1.
  • To input curlies, use the sequences fn4 + in7 + in2, and fn4 + in7 + in1.


  • Implement Meta/Ctrl keys.
  • Allow for key repeat for layered inputs.
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