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I am currently a PhD student at Berkeley, researching distributed systems.

I am currently a SWE at Google. These blogs are about my personal stuffs.

I don't write a lot (though have tons of tsukkomi). Previous unsuccessful attempts include WordPress, Jekyll, Hugo and Medium... The recurring pattern is that suddenly I get into the mood of writing something (like now), explore a new platform because I am sick of the old ones (wanting a fresh start), and write a few articles (promising myself I will keep writing) and then STOP.

This attempt may not be different, but still, worth trying, isn't it?


我的咖啡革命 My Coffee Evolution

我的咖啡历程:从雀巢速溶,到 Peet's,到蓝瓶子,再到我自己烘培咖啡豆。

Baking Bread

Buy and read Ken Forkish's awesome book: "Flour Water Salt Yeast" (FWSY).

生活珠玑 Life Pearls


Modern Art First Touch

Or how to appreciate modern art with 7 steps?

Presentation Tips

The best way to learn is from experience. I've just finished my qualifying exam, and this post is a writeup about the experience and some lessons I've learned along the way.

我的 2016

A Look back at 2016. 大概写了 5995 字,好多废话的说。

豆瓣 2016

豆瓣的统计结果出来了:2016年 我一共观影 77 部,比去年少 68 部,平均 4.7 天看一部。其中有 24 部电视剧,22 部新片,有 17 部打了 5 星。 其中不少是 Netflix Original,比如马男三季,比如绝命毒师四季,比如女子监狱三季。


A list of cocktails that I've tried and plan to try. Also various resources that I've encountered along the research.

Home Bar 家庭小吧

如何用 $100 的预算在家里搞一个还不错的调酒场?

Lessons learned through PhD suffering

Do not complain about what you cannot change, act to change what you can control. And learn to appreciate, in a critical way

系統機制與個人主義 Systems and Individuals


小厨房 Kitchenette

Kitchenette is my small cooking area. It usually has cooked food and my cats.

咖啡與館 Coffee and Cafe

朋友圈裏流行着這麼一篇文章“二十幾歲住在哪裏對你有多重要?”,大致是在講你年輕時所在的城市把他所獨具的氣質文化風格深深地烙印在你的經歷裏。 而灣區的咖啡文化大概就是對我的烙印。

抓螃蟹 crabbing


The Cost of Cat Ownership

It costs me $225 (adoption + equipment) + $104 / month (food + litter + health) + $$$ (any vet visit) for butter and sesame.