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Mirror of the official yaml-cpp Google code repository
C++ C Objective-C
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include/yaml-cpp Added operator >> overload for Binary
src Added operator >> overload for Binary
test Merge commit 'release-0.3.0' into makefile
util Removed the new API from the default branch
.hgeol Added .hgeol for native eols
.hgignore Added back yaml.h (since it used to be generated)
CMakeLists.txt Bumped version to 0.3.0
Makefile updates for release-0.3.0
README.rdoc updates for release-0.3.0
install.txt Added newline to install and license files
license.txt Added eol-style=native prop to missing files



A YAML parser and emitter for C++

This is just a mirror of the project on GoogleCode.

All branches reflects the original mercurial branches, except for:

  • makefile: contains some improvements and a simplified, ready-to-go Makefile for building a static library.

  • binary: old sketch for YAML::Binary parser (implemented in release-0.3.0)

Refer to the changelog for a list of differences from the original repository.

Getting started

Just type

$ make

to compile the static library. For more building options use Cmake (see install.txt).


  • 2012-01-21: merged release-0.3.0 into makefile

  • 2011-10-12: merged release-0.2.7 into makefile

  • 2011-09-06: BREAKING CHANGE: repository now tracks mercurial, old clones of this repository don't work anymore!

  • 2011-04-08: fixed a nasty bug on binary data emitter

  • 2011-03-07: added Makefile

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