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  • Added security recommendations
  • Radically simplified getting started docker-compose tutorial
  • Added docker-compose file without the worker
  • Added one command example cluster run script & instructions
  • Updated prereqs
  • Added to the compare table
  • Updated API examples to more clearly show where the app_name should go in the examples
  • Added /prune endpoint
  • Cleared up how to use the Dockerfile healthcheck integration
  • Multiple small changes
Assets 2
  • Updated version of mkdocs and prereqs
  • Cleared up some confusion about the update API
  • Added explanation about Dockerfile healthcheck integration
  • Added explanation about the ARM version and their tags
  • Multiple smaller fixes

@naorlivne naorlivne released this Aug 22, 2018 · 31 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Docker-compose getting started tutorial now creates needed users in RabbitMQ & MongoDB.
  • Release notes links page added.
  • Internals design page add.
  • Updated all design & install tutorial to the new initial RabbitMQ sync architecture.
  • Multiple bugfixes.

@naorlivne naorlivne released this Jul 24, 2018 · 45 commits to master since this release

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  • RabbitMQ fanout exchange now recreated if somehow deleted (prevents manual accidents)
  • MongoDB 4.x.x support
  • Python updated to 2.7.15
  • Version locked Alpine release
  • Updated multiple prereqs package versions
  • API now uses Alpine
  • On case of missing params on a create\update application request a list of what params are missing will be returned
  • Multiple bugfixes & improvements

@naorlivne naorlivne released this Oct 24, 2017 · 80 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed rolling restart
  • RabbitMQ exchanges are now set as durable - BREAKING CHANGE - older versions must delete existing exchanges and recreate them when updating
  • Modules now installed from the requirements.txt file in the Dockerized version
  • Modules are now version locked
  • A lot of parameters now has default values
  • Multiple bug fixes & improvements

@naorlivne naorlivne released this Sep 18, 2017 · 142 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Much better logging
  • Full Docker Network support
  • multiple bugfixes

@naorlivne naorlivne released this Aug 16, 2017 · 166 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • added devices support
  • added privileged support
  • multiple minor bug fixes and improvements

@naorlivne naorlivne released this Aug 3, 2017 · 171 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • adding volume support
  • fixed a strange bug with mkdocs/readthedocs not liking <> in paragraphs
  • fix typo in api_available in the response of the api status check
  • various typos and bug fixes
Assets 2
  • PUT option to update app without having to rePOST the entire config of it
  • some bug fixes
  • lot of document work

@naorlivne naorlivne released this May 30, 2017 · 258 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

First numbered release, choosing 0.7 as it's a lucky number that still shows how I feel about the beta state of Nebula