Gradle plugin for constructing linux packages, specifically RPM and DEBs.

Gradle Linux Packaging Plugin

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This plugin provides Gradle-based assembly of system packages, typically for RedHat and Debian based distributions, using a canonical Gradle Copy Specs. It's structured as three plugins, which work in concert, and a fourth plugin to pull them all together. Keep reading to see some power examples, follow the links to further pages for the formal documentation. All the plugins are pure-java and don't require any local native binaries.

Quick Start

Refer to the Gradle Plugin Portal for instructions on how to apply the main plugin.


The project wiki contains the full documentation for the plugin.

Gradle Compatibility Tested

Built with Oracle JDK7 Tested with Oracle JDK8

Gradle Version Works
2.2.1 yes
2.3 yes
2.4 yes
2.5 yes
2.6 yes
2.7 yes
2.8 yes
2.9 yes
2.10 yes
2.11 yes
2.12 yes
2.13 yes


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