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Official Go implementation of the Nebulas protocol
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Official Go implementation of the Nebulas protocol. The current version is 2.0, also called Nebulas Nova.

Build Status

For the roadmap of Nebulas, please visit the roadmap page.

For more information of Nebulas protocol, design documents, please refer to our wiki.

TestNet is released, please check here for more details.

Mainnet is released, please check here for more details.

Building from source


Components Version Description
Golang >= 1.11 The Go Programming Language
Dep >= 0.3.1 Dep is a dependency management tool for Go.


Checkout repo.

cd $GOPATH/src
go get -u -v

The project is under active development. New users may want to checkout and use the stable mainnet release in master.

git checkout master

Or use the stable testnet release in testnet.

git checkout testnet

Install native libs.

Nebulas execution need NVM and NBRE two dependent libraries. We provide stable versions of both libraries. Execute the execution script to install


The dependency libraries are not installed in the system directory, and there are different path-loading methods used in Darwin and Linux systems.

  • OS X:

    • In the user's root directory to create lib folder, system to load the library path can read this path, ensure that the root directory of the current folder does not exist. All of these operations in already processing.(DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is not possible unless System Integrity Protection (SIP) is disabled)
  • Linux - Ubuntu

    • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH for native libs.

    • Because the CPU instruction set may vary from machine to machine, the pre-compiled nbre may not be available. If the library you installed with the script is not available (it does not start after compilation), compile the nbre yourself:

      • delete invalid libraries
      • prepare nbre build environment(It may take a long time, compile cmake, llvm, rocksdb and etc.)
      • build nbre
      • re-source the native libs
       cd nbre
       rm -rf lib
       rm -rf lib_llvm
       cd ..

Install dependencies packages.

  • all golang dependencies will be stored in ./vendor.
  • run make dep to install dependencies.
  • If you failed to run this, please download our vendor.tar.gz directly.

Build the neb binary.

* run `make build`


Run seed node

Starting a Nebulas seed node is simple. After the build step above, run a command:

./neb [-c /path/to/config.conf]

tips: more details about configuration, please refer to template.conf

You will see log message output like:

INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Setuped Neblet.                               file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Setup" line=161
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting Neblet...                            file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Start" line=183
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting NebService...                        file=net_service.go func="net.(*NebService).Start" line=58
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting NebService Dispatcher...             file=dispatcher.go func="net.(*Dispatcher).Start" line=85
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting NebService Node...                   file=node.go func="net.(*Node).Start" line=96
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting NebService StreamManager...          file=stream_manager.go func="net.(*StreamManager).Start" line=74
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started NewService Dispatcher.                file=dispatcher.go func="net.(*Dispatcher).loop" line=93
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting NebService RouteTable Sync...        file=route_table.go func="net.(*RouteTable).Start" line=91
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started NebService StreamManager.             file=stream_manager.go func="net.(*StreamManager).loop" line=146
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started NebService Node.                      file=net_service.go func="net.(*NebService).Start" id=QmP7HDFcYmJL12Ez4ZNVCKjKedfE7f48f1LAkUc3Whz4jP line=65 listening address="[/ip4/ /ip4/ /ip4/ /ip4/]"
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started NebService.                           file=net_service.go func="net.(*NebService).Start" line=74
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting RPC GRPCServer...                    file=server.go func="rpc.(*Server).Start" line=87
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started RPC GRPCServer.                       address="" file=server.go func="rpc.(*Server).Start" line=95
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started NebService RouteTable Sync.           file=route_table.go func="net.(*RouteTable).syncLoop" line=123
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting RPC Gateway GRPCServer...            file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Start" http-cors="[]" http-server="[]" line=212 rpc-server=""
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting BlockChain...                        file=blockchain.go func="core.(*BlockChain).Start" line=194
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting BlockPool...                         file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Start" line=219 size=128
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting TransactionPool...                   file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Start" line=220 size=327680
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started BlockChain.                           file=blockchain.go func="core.(*BlockChain).loop" line=208
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting EventEmitter...                      file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Start" line=221 size=40960
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started BlockPool.                            file=block_pool.go func="core.(*BlockPool).loop" line=232
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started TransactionPool.                      file=asm_amd64.s func=runtime.goexit line=2362 size=327680
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started EventEmitter.                         file=event.go func="core.(*EventEmitter).loop" line=156
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Starting Dpos Mining...                       file=dpos.go func="dpos.(*Dpos).Start" line=136
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started Sync Service.                         file=sync_service.go func="sync.(*Service).startLoop" line=150
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started Dpos Mining.                          file=dpos.go func="dpos.(*Dpos).blockLoop" line=619
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Enabled Dpos Mining...                        file=dpos.go func="dpos.(*Dpos).EnableMining" line=155
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] This is a seed node.                          file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Start" line=247
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Resumed Dpos Mining.                          file=dpos.go func="dpos.(*Dpos).ResumeMining" line=296
INFO[2018-03-30T01:39:16+08:00] Started Neblet.                               file=neblet.go func="neblet.(*Neblet).Start" line=259

From the log, we can see the binary execution starts neblet, starts network service, starts RPC API server, and starts consensus state machine.


We are glad to release Nebulas Testnet here. You can use and join our TestNet right now.


We are glad to release Nebulas Mainnet here. You can use and join our MainNet right now.


Nebulas provides a block explorer to view block/transaction information. Please check Explorer.


Nebulas provides a web wallet to send transaction and deploy/call contract. Please check Web-Wallet


Please check our Wiki to learn more about Nebulas.


We are very glad that you are considering to help Nebulas Team or go-nebulas project, including but not limited to source code, documents or others.

If you'd like to contribute, please fork, fix, commit and send a pull request for the maintainers to review and merge into the main code base. If you wish to submit more complex changes though, please check up with the core devs first on our slack channel to ensure those changes are in line with the general philosophy of the project and/or get some early feedback which can make both your efforts much lighter as well as our review and merge procedures quick and simple.

Please refer to our contribution guideline for more information.



The go-nebulas project is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3.0 (“LGPL v3”).

For the more information about licensing, please refer to Licensing page.

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