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Other versions: [zh-CN] [pt-PT] [es-ES] [ko-KR]

Welcome to the open-source Nebulas Wiki!

The Nebulas community is open and anyone can contribute and build a decentralized world with us.

The Nebulas wiki is a collaboration tool for the community to publish various documents in a collaborative manner. It includes usage guides, developing guides, learning resources, and other useful documents.

The mainnet development part of this Nebulas Wiki was based on "the wiki."

How to Contribute

Nebulas aims for a continuously improving ecosystem. This means we need help from the community. We need your contribution! It is not limited exclusively to programming, but also bug reports, translations, spreading the tenets of Nebulas, answering questions, and so on.

Learn more about how to contribute.

Get Started

This project was created by sphinx and uploaded to readthedocs for hosting. The URL for the online documentation after hosting is:

This project supports documents in the following formats:

  • Markdown(.md)
  • reStructuredText(.rst)

The directory structure of the document is defined in the README.rst file in the same directory.

Language version and branch rules:

  1. The multi-language version is managed separately by different branches. The currently supported languages are as follows:
  • master: English version;
  • zh-CN: Simplified Chinese version;
  • pt-PT: Portuguese version;
  • es-ES: Spanish version;
  • ko-KR: Korean version (non-existent, pull requests welcome).
  1. To facilitate document management, the document structure of different branches is as consistent as possible with the main branch;
  2. Each language is allowed to have its own temporary version. It is recommended to add the suffix version number to the version name, for example, en1.0, zh-CN1.1;

How to build

  1. clone the project from github, next command refers to the master branch:
git clone
  1. install the necessary python components:
pip install sphinx==1.5.6 sphinx-autobuild sphinx_rtd_theme recommonmark sphinx_markdown_tables

Note: installing sphinx via pip is unreliable. Use your distribution's package manager if possible.

  1. build the project:
cd nebdocs
make html

How to add a new document

If you need to add a file

  1. Add the file to the appropriate directory;
  2. Locate the README.rst file in the directory where the file is located (the project root directory is index.rst file), open the file, and add the newly added file name to the file list after the 'toctree' keyword. E.g:

For this file structure:


The content of README.rst should look like this:

.. toctree::

If you need to add a new directory

In this case, you need to add a README.rst file to define the document directory structure in this directory. Put other file names in the file list after the 'toctree' keyword. For details, refer to other README.rst files. The file list in the README.rst file of the previous directory should add the relative path of the README.rst file of the current directory, for example:

For this file structure:


The contents of the folder/README.rst file should be:

.. toctree::

How to add a new language version

  1. Create a new branch, for the chinese version, for instance:
Git checkout -b zh-CN
  1. Modify the github configuration in ./docs/, find the 'html_context' definition, and change the value of the 'github_version' field to the new branch name 'zh-CN', as follows:
# VCS options:
Html_context = {
     "display_github": True, # Integrate GitHub
     "github_user": "nebulasio", # Username
     "github_repo": "nebdocs", # Repo name
     "github_version": "zh-CN", # Version
     "conf_py_path": "/", # Path in the checkout to the docs root
  1. Replace the documents that you need to translate with the new language version.

  2. Submit the files to github:

Git push --set-upstream zh-CN

Note: it is highly likely you will need to rebase master onto that branch in order for the team to be able to merge the pull request cleanly. To do so, and avoid all the conflicts that will certainly come with it, do as follows, from your working branch, after having updated master with git pull origin master:

git rebase -Xtheirs master
git push -f
  1. Notify the manager to add a new language version to the readthedocs' online documentation.