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network {
# Official seed node info.
# You can also use other node as your seed node.
seed: ["/ip4/[seed ip]/tcp/[seed port]/ipfs/[seed token]"]
# Local node socket.
listen: [""]
# [Optional] Node private key, used for authority between nodes.
# If the private key is empty, a random private key will be generated.
private_key: "conf/network.key"
chain {
# Chain identity.
# Nodes with different chain_id cannot communicate with each other.
chain_id: 101
# Data folder path.
datadir: "data.db"
# Keydir path where you can put in your keystore json file of wallets.
keydir: "keydir"
# Here is your genesis conf.
genesis: "conf/genesis.conf"
# Signature algorithm for signing blocks & txs.
signature_ciphers: ["ECC_SECP256K1"]
# Enable mining service in consensus.
start_mine: false
# If start_mine == true, the address of miner should be provided.
miner: "[your miner address]"
# If start_mine == true, the coinbase should be provided.
# If you minted a block, the reward will be sent to the coinbase.
coinbase: "[your coinbase address]"
# If start_mine == true, you can choose to enable a remote sign server.
# If you enable a remote sign server, node will request the remote server to sign new minted block.
enable_remote_sign_server: false
# If start_miner == true && enable_remote_sign_server == false, miner's passphrase should be provided.
# Miner's passphrase will be used to sign new minted block locally.
passphrase: "[your miner's passphrase]"
# If start_miner == true && enable_remote_sign_server == true, the remote sign server should be privided.
# Node will request the remote sign server to sign new minted block.
remote_sign_server: "ip:port"
# If start_mine == true, gas price should be provided.
# Gas price means the lowest gas price of transactions that can be accepted by local node.
# Scope: (0, 10^12], default 10^6
gas_price: "1000000"
# If start_mine == true, gas limit should be provided.
# Gas limit means the biggest gas limit of transactions that can be accepted by local node.
# Scope: (0, 5*10^10], default 5*10^10
gas_limit: "50000000000"
rpc {
# Rpc service socket
rpc_listen: [""]
# Http service socket
http_listen: [""]
# Modules opened
# Api:
# Admin:
# Attention: Admin includes a lot of dangerous api, please be careful to open it.
http_module: ["api","admin"]
# Rpc concurrent requests limit. default is 128.
connection_limits: 128
# Http concurrent requests limit. default is 128.
http_limits: 128
# Http CORS whitelist. default is empty.
http_cors: ["*"]
app {
# Log level, support debug/info/warning/error/fatal
log_level: "info"
# Log folder path
log_file: "logs"
# Enable crash report uploaded
enable_crash_report: false
# If enable_crash_report == true, crash_report_url should be provides.
# Crash report will be uploaded to the url.
crash_report_url: ""
nbre {
# The root directory of NBRE
root_dir: "nbre"
# NBRE log folder path
log_dir: "mainnet/nbre/logs"
# NBRE db location
data_dir: "mainnet/nbre/nbre.db"
# NBRE binary location
nbre_path: "nbre/bin/nbre"
# Administrator address used to submit tx and authorize specific account
# with the right of IR submission. For more details, please check the NBRE
# related documents.
admin_address: "n1S9RrRPC46T9byYBS868YuZgzqGuiPCY1m"
# Height when DIP take effects
start_height: 2307000
# NEB and NBRE inter-process communication socket
ipc_listen: ""
ipc_port: 8688
stats {
# Enable metrics statics
enable_metrics: false
# If enable_metrics == true, infludb should be provided.
# All metrics information will be written into the influxdb.
influxdb: {
host: "[your influxdb host]"
db: "[your influxdb database]"
user: "[your influxdb user]"
password: "[your influxdb password]"
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