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How to Join Nebulas Mainnet


We are glad to release Nebulas Mainnet here. Please join and enjoy Nebulas Mainnet.


The Mainnet configuration files are in folder mainnet/conf, including


All configurable information about genesis block is defined in genesis.conf, including

  • meta.chain_id: chain identity
  • consensus.dpos.dynasty: the initial dynasty of validators
  • token_distribution: the initial allocation of tokens

Attention: DO NOT change the genesis.conf.


All configurable information about runtime is defined in config.conf.

Please check the template.conf to find more details about the runtime configuration.

Tips: the official seed node info is as below,



Since Nebulas mainnet is running there for certain period of time, it will take quite some time to sync all the mainnet data from scratch.

For developers' convenience, we provided a offline data package, which already includes the data of more than 1 million blocks, you can download the package directly by following either link below (choose whichever is faster for you):

Please note that, the data package should be put under the same path of "datadir" as specified in your config.conf file.

API List

Main Endpoint:

API URL Protocol

More Nebulas APIs at RPC.



  1. Installation (thanks Victor)
  2. Sending a Transaction (thanks Victor)
  3. Writing Smart Contract in JavaScript (thanks otto)
  4. Introducing Smart Contract Storage (thanks Victor)
  5. Interacting with Nebulas by RPC API (thanks Victor)


  1. 编译安装及运行neb
  2. 在星云链上发送交易
  3. 使用JavaScript编写智能合约
  4. 智能合约存储区介绍
  5. 通过RPC接口与星云链交互


Feel free to join Nebulas Mainnet. If you did find something wrong, please submit a issue or submit a pull request to let us know, we will add your name and url to this page soon.

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