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Welcome to the Nebulas Wiki

Nebulas is a decentralized platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains, with the following three core features:

  • Value Ranking (Nebulas Rank)
  • Self-evolving (Nebulas Force)
  • Incentive (Nebulas Incentive)


Nebulas is LGPL v3 licensed.

Getting started

To get the basic concepts of Nebulas visit the Nebulas homepage over at https://nebulas.io. If you want to get a deeper understanding, start by reading the technical whitepaper and non-technical whitepaper.To be a contributor, visit #Contribution. Anyone curious about Nebulas research besides theory lovers could keep eye on nebulas/research.

For getting started guides and documents, see here:


Bleeding edge code can be cloned from the branch of their git repositories:

https://github.com/nebulasio/go-nebulas (go-nebulas/develop)

https://github.com/nebulasio/explorer (explorer)

https://github.com/nebulasio/web-wallet (web-wallet)

https://github.com/nebulasio/neb.js (API)


Nebulas Dev Team use issues to manage features and bugs. The TODO are the working items we are working on, the Help Wanted are the features that we'd like community developers/contributors can help on implementation.

We are very glad that you are considering to help Nebulas Team or go-nebulas project, including but not limited to source code, documents or others.Read our guideline to learn more about development & contribution details.


Welcome to join Nebulas mainnet released at the end of Q1 2018.


A functional equivalent Nebulas Testnet is available now,allowing developers to interact with Nebulas freely.


Nebulas releases and tech roadmap are here.


Nebulas Dev Team use slack as communication tools, please join Nebulas IO on Slack.

Attention:recently, the scammers are very active, plz carefully discern.


FAQ and Glossary

See here.

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