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In order to compile the generated client, you need:

  • Install Apache Maven. Tested with version 3.x.
  • Install JDK. Recommended with JDK 1.7+.


Make sure JAVA_HOME is set, then run

mvn install

This will install the generated client to your local Maven repository.

Use it in your project

Copy NECID-1.1.jar from the target folder and all other libraries located in target/lib to your project's lib folder.

You can initialize the SDK using the ApiClientFactory object.

ApiClientFactory factory = new ApiClientFactory();
// create a client
final BiometricAPIClient client =;

// Invoke your faceExtractPost method
ExtractResult  output = client.faceExtractPost();

// you also have access to your API models
Candidate myModel = new Candidate();

Using AWS IAM for authorization

To use AWS IAM to authorize API calls you pass set of AWS credentials to the SDK through the ApiClientFactory.

// Use CognitoCachingCredentialsProvider to provide AWS credentials
// for the ApiClientFactory
AWSCredentialsProvider credenetialsProvider = new CognitoCachingCredentialsProvider(
        context,          // activity context
        "identityPoolId", // Cognito identity pool id
        Regions.US_EAST_1 // region of Cognito identity pool
ApiClientFactory factory = new ApiClientFactory()

Using API Keys

You can also use the ApiClientFactory to set the API Key in the generated client SDK.

ApiClientFactory factory = new ApiClientFactory()
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