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RuhrJS 2017
Bochum, Germany
Spoke at an awesome and really friendly community event, in the Ruhr Valley
Redundant DevOps

{% blockquote 'Redundant DevOps, Talk abstract' '' %} Npm has tons of modules for devops, like remote logging, metrics, service discovery, process management. Most of these are great when you do prototyping, but as soon as you arrive to production-land, you may find that a lots of these tasks are already handled by old players. This talk may be helpful for some people to avoid the same mistakes I did, when my first node app was on its journey to an established scaleable architecture. {% endblockquote %}

My CFP submission was selected by the RuhrJS team, and was invited to Bochum in Germany to give a talk about devops for people, who just started to write node services. The RuhrJS conference is an absolutely friendly and inclusive event, really well organized, with great talks during the two days.

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I could finally meet Sarah Saltrick Meyer and Martin Splitt in person, and had a great time with Madeleine Neumann, Paul Verbeek-Mast, Lisa Passing, Alexandra Leisse, Lian Li and Stephanie Nemeth talking about creative hardware and LEDs, goofing around the beggining of the OnesieJS movement and spotting rabbits in the park!