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Removed 'installation instructions' from example file

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@@ -339,15 +339,6 @@
<p>Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome, Safari 4+, IE 8+, Opera 10+.</p>
<p><strong>Note:</strong> Some CSS3 features are not supported in older versions of Opera and versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE 8. The use of icons is not supported in IE 6 or IE 7.</p>
- <div class="section">
- <h2>Installation</h2>
- <ol>
- <li>Add <code>css3-github-buttons.css</code> in your stylesheets folder</li>
- <li>Add <code>css3-github-buttons-icons.png</code> in your images folder</li>
- <li>Link to <code>css3-github-buttons.css</code> in the head of your HTML document.</li>
- </ol>
- </div>
<div class="section">
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