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Suggestion for wording on class names and class names selection. #33

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A minor suggestion on the content, I think it's worth mentioning a convention for class names.
People should avoid camelCase and use dash-separated-lowercase-words.
Also, selection of class names should not be based on specific properties but rather the logical usage of the particular class.
This is described nicely here:

The pull request is mainly to raise the suggestion, I'm not a native English speaker, so feel free to ignore the specifics of the wording used.


Hi, please see #32. As for class names, this is a contentious issue but I have something planned. Thanks.

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@@ -252,6 +252,23 @@ Use clear and thoughtful names for HTML classes. Pick an understandable and
consistent naming pattern that makes sense both within HTML files and CSS
+For class names and IDs declerations, use dash-separated-lowercase-words, use full words and don't be cheap on letters count.
+It is also better to try and use names that describes the logical usage of the class rather than it's properties (as these may change).
+For Example, avoid:
+ ...
+and prefer:
+ ...
/* Example of code with bad names */
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