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Add Medium to list of sites using normalize.css

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1 parent d85020f commit c7910534253779b4c9483ec75abb69e12599b605 @necolas committed Jan 8, 2013
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@@ -68,10 +68,11 @@ <h2 class="tagline">A modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets</h2>
<a href="">HTML5 Boilerplate</a>,
<a href="">TweetDeck</a>,
<a href="">Soundcloud</a>,
- <a href="">Rdio</a>,
+ <a href="">Medium</a>,
+ <a href="">NASA</a>,
<a href="">GOV.UK</a>,
<a href="">Guardian</a>,
- <a href="">NASA</a>,
+ <a href="">Rdio</a>,
<a href="">Favstar</a>,
<a href="">Digg</a>,
<a href="">iA</a>,

3 comments on commit c791053

Can we really still keep track of websites that use Normalize since Bootstrap uses it as its reset ?


necolas replied Jan 8, 2013

Favstar is the only site that uses Bootstrap 2.*, and even then it also includes normalize.css before Bootstrap's CSS.

Bootstrap 3.0 is going to include normalize.css as a partial, so technically any site using Bootstrap 3 will be using normalize.css.

Oh ok I thought Bootstrap's reset was always Normalize at its core, my bad !

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