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Input of type number has text-align right on Opera #158

alefteris opened this Issue · 3 comments

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On Opera has user agent style text-align: right. Other browsers I tested like Firefox and Chrome align text on the left. So, it would be nice to normalize this difference?

html:not([dir="rtl"]) input {
    text-align: left;

Would that cover it?


Since Opera changes to Webkit this will probably be the same as in Chrome and Safari.

Personally I don't think this needs to be tackled because

  • it does not break anything
  • globally Opera has poor market share
  • it may get fixed soon.

Meanwhile you can check out my small test-case.


I'm going to pass on this for the reasons @drublic mentioned. I don't think it's worth the potential drawbacks. Something you can do in your app-level CSS instead. Thanks for reporting :)

@necolas necolas closed this
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