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Delete -ms-text-size-adjust #28

zh-Hans opened this Issue Aug 25, 2011 · 4 comments

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zh-Hans commented Aug 25, 2011

The -ms-text-size-adjust property will be ignored where the viewport tag is present.
ref MSDN:

necolas commented Aug 25, 2011

Thanks, I didn't know that. But can't be sure that there will always be a viewport meta tag present in the HTML.

@zh-Hans zh-Hans closed this Aug 26, 2011
frankpf commented Aug 26, 2011

If this property is only for IE Mobile, I think it can be removed.
According to Jonathan Snook IE Mobile supports both the -webkit and -ms prefixes (correct me if I'm wrong):

IE Mobile for Windows Phone 7 has decided to implement support for -webkit-text-size-adjust. They'll also be adding their own duplicate vendor-specific prefix, -ms-text-size-adjust.

Link to source:

@zh-Hans zh-Hans reopened this Aug 26, 2011
necolas commented Aug 26, 2011

I don't know if those implementations are identical, if future versions of IE mobile will continue to use -webkit-text-size-adjust, or if both -webkit and -ms respond in the same way to the presence of the viewport meta tag.

necolas commented Aug 27, 2011

One of the reasons why Microsoft broke vendor prefixes to support -webkit-text-size-adjust is because of how widespread it is, and because many developers are WebKit-focused at the expense of other mobile browsers.

Microsoft have implemented -ms-text-size-adjust. I don't want to actively contribute to developer over-focus on WebKit, and browser vendor temptation to support the prefixes of other vendors, by intentionally dropping the -ms prefixed version of the property.

For those reasons, and the ones given in the comment prior to this one, I'm closing this.

@necolas necolas closed this Aug 27, 2011
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