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This patch solves the following problem

The ListView component makes calls to undefined functions: isEmpty() and merge() that it tries to get from React (replaced by Lodash in this PR but could probably be using fbjs) and ListViewDataSource.getRowAndSectionCount() (added in this PR copying React-Native implementation).

Test plan

This pull request

  • includes documentation
  • includes tests
  • includes benchmark reports
  • includes an interactive example
  • includes screenshots/videos
@@ -3,7 +3,8 @@ import ListViewDataSource from './ListViewDataSource';
import ListViewPropTypes from './ListViewPropTypes';
import ScrollView from '../ScrollView';
import StaticRenderer from '../StaticRenderer';
-import React, { Component, isEmpty, merge } from 'react';
+import React, { Component } from 'react';
+import { isEmpty, merge } from 'lodash';
necolas Jan 4, 2017 Owner

If you look over the commit history you'll see I removed lodash in favor of platform features and smaller alternatives

PaulLeCam Jan 5, 2017 Contributor

Sorry I missed that change, it's removed now.

@necolas necolas closed this in c3d0763 Jan 8, 2017
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