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Chef Configuration with Proxmox VM's
Python Shell
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Proxmox Cluster config is working
PyVmBuilder vmbuilder script pushes chef client into machine
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ChefMox is a web based management tool to link Chef management with Proxmox PVE

PyChef (Installed by pip below)
Django (Installed by pip below)
Paramiko (Installed by pip below)
Python Development files(apt-get install python-dev)
Vmbuilder ( or apt-get install vmbuilder)
Chef Server

It is not neccesary to use virtualenv, but I recommend it since it is so easy and keeps everything together.
Assuming you want to use virtualenv, the following INSTALL section stays the same, however, you will need to make sure
you source the activate file before you run the INSTALL section.

1) pip install -r requirements.txt
2) Install PyVmBuilder
   2.1) cd PyVmBuilder; python install
3) Setup a client in chef for ChefMox to use in root's homedirectory


--- It says that I'm missing libcrypto but I'm pretty sure it is installed? ---
You  may need to just link your libcrypto module to inside of your library directory
On Ubuntu you should be able to just find . -iname "libcrypto*" to locate your library and link that version to the same 
directory but using the name
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