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Setup Django + Nginx
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Simple Django+Nginx Installer

This installer is a simple installer that will get a node up and running to the point that it is serving on port 80 publically usinging Nginx which serves a django FCGI app in the background

What you end up with in the end is

  • Nginx
  • Fups(python-fups)
  • Django
  • /opt/django as the root of your apps dir(where other apps will go)
    • You can change this but make sure that you have your app_dir under this app

Setup assumes the machine is Ubuntu Tested with 10.10 Maverick


  • Install git(ubuntu: apt-get install git-core)
  • Clone this repo anywhere you want
    • git clone git://
  • Cd into the directory you just cloned into
  • Copy node.json.example to node.json
  • Edit node.json
    • Change the base location of your apps
    • Modify the example app(you can add more too)
    • Enter in the git repo of your app. You don't have to do it, but it is a convinience thing)
    • Give any extra options for git if you need them. BlueHost requires you to add -u /home//bin/git-upload-pack
      • NOTE: You will have to make sure to setup ssh keys for the git repos manually so they can connect
  • bash
    • Enter none for the chef server url


This setup uses chef-solo to do most of the work. The node.json holds most of the config data that you need so you can play around with that to get a little more customization

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