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#Codepoems An experimental IDE for the amazing Processing Language..


(Some I currently working on)

  • Live documentation
  • Autocomplete
  • Media Viewer
  • Multiple Themes
  • Sublime text bindings
  • Open multiple formats (GLSL,JSON,TXT & XML)


This is an experimental tool that I created for personal purpose in my projects on hinecsoft.com.

This is my first open source project, I apologize for the newbie stuff. This is an opportunity to continue learning.

P5M (Processing Modules)

I'm working with a dependecy injection for Processing called P5M, this version let's you use these modules in your project.

Technology Involved

Codepoems is built using io.js, nwjs and the processing-java CLI.


The current release is only for Mac OS X, but I'm working in a Windows and Linux versions.


You need to have node-webkit-builder in order to run these commands. The node-webkit-builder creates a builder folder with the packages. If you want to "compile" on the fly you can check my sublime-build for Sublime text.

Building for OSX64

git clone https://github.com/necsoft/codepoems
npm install
bower install
npm run build_osx64

Compiling Stylesheets

I am currently using Sass+Compass for the stylesheets. You can use compass watch in the app/static/ folder.

I need volunteers

If you think you can help me with, please send your pull requests!

Get in touch

Feel free to talk with me @necsoft, I would love to hear your opinions!