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Javascript's God Mode
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Javascript's God Mode : one language to rule them all. Code everything, everywhere, for everything, in JavaScript.

Any questions or ideas, join us : NectarJS' Discord Trello


Full documentation is here : NetcarJS Doc


npm install -g nectarjs

Basic bytecode compilation

The simplest way to use NectarJS is :

nectar file.js

The output file name will be automatically choosen regarding the target. You can specify another output with -o something.out

To show more compilation infos :

nectar --verbose file.js

You can run any JS or BIN file like this :

nectar --exec file[.js|.bin|.exe]

For more informations about compilation output, use --verbose

For help, use --help

Using native compiler

  • You need to have GCC installed on your machine and registered in your path to compile.

You can install Mingw for Windows here :

On linux, you can install it with your distro (apt install gcc, yum install gcc, ...)

nectar -b native file.js
nectar file.js

You can select a preset (speed or size):

nectar -b bc file.js --preset [size|size]

You can also run the compiled executable just after compilation using --run:

nectar -b bc file.js --run

You can enable the quiet mode with --quiet:

nectar -b bc file.js --quiet

Tested on this targets/platforms :

  • wasm

  • asm-js

  • wast

  • mac-osx

  • linux-x86-32

  • linux-x86-64

  • linux-arm32v7

  • win-x86-32

  • win-x86-64

  • arduino-uno

  • arduino-mega1280

  • arduino-mega2560

  • nucleo-l152re

  • nucleo-l432kc

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