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Javascript's God Mode
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Javascript's God Mode : one language to rule them all. Code everything, everywhere, for everything, in JS, TS, CS and more.

NectarJS is now fully open source. Default behavior is local JS compilation with g++. To change local target compiler, use --compiler, or to switch to cloud compiler, use --caas

We need help, join us : NectarJS' Slack Trello

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Join us on Slack : NectarJS' Slack

Get your free key here : NectarJS free Key

Full documentation is here : NetcarJS Doc

Current NectarScript version

Current : NS-0.1


You need NodeJS to install NectarJS :

Once done, install NectarJS : npm install -g nectarjs

Verify that NectarJS is installed with : nectar --help


You need to enter your id and you security key. Code is encrypted in AES during compilation.

To set your id, use --setid myid

To set your key, use --setkey mykey

Basic compilation

The simplest way to use NectarJS is :

nectar file.js

The output file name will be automatically choosen regarding the target. You can specify another output with -o something.out

You can select a target for compilation with --target [THE TARGET]

The --single argument launch the compilation of the file in argument. If you need to require('') file in your current folder, you need to remove --single to switch to project mode.

NectarJS can run directly your application after compilation if you specify --run. The program will be executed only if the --target match your system.

For more informations about compilation output, use --verbose

For help, use --help

Check syntax

You can only check syntax without compilation with argument --check.

Project management

if --single is not specified, NectarJS will create a project.json file in the project directory.

You can create a project.json file without compilation with : nectar --prepare file.js

To show a project configuration : nectar --project in the project folder or nectar --project /path/to/projet.json

To compile a project, simply call nectar project.json

Coding with your smartphone or tablet

If you want to code with your smartphone or tablet, you can download Termux, a console app that let you install nodejs for your device. Simply install NectarJS with npm install -g nectarjs, and you can start coding with your smartphone for all other platforms.

Available targets

  • wasm -> WebAssembly

  • asm-js -> ASM.js

  • wast -> WebAssembly AST

  • mac-osx -> Mac OSX

  • linux-x86-32 -> Linux x86 32 bits

  • linux-x86-64 -> Linux x86 64 bits

  • linux-arm32v7 -> Linux arm 32 v7 bits, compatible with Android and Raspberry

  • win-x86-32 -> Windows x86 32 bits

  • win-x86-64 -> Windows x86 64 bits

  • arduino-uno -> Arduino UNO

  • arduino-mega1280 -> Arduino Mega with Atmega 1280

  • arduino-mega2560 -> Arduino Mega with Atmega 2560

  • nucleo-l152re -> STM32 Nucleo L152RE

  • nucleo-l432kc -> STM32 Nucleo L432KC

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