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The crypto trading game.

Finding it difficult to keep your eyes off the markets? Missing out on family time? Why not share the cryptomania with family and friends.

Cryptocoinopoly is the cryptocurrency trading game where the aim is to drive everyone else to bankruptcy and for you to centralize the wealth of the internet into your own hands. Acquire some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the internet, charge players network fees for landing on your cryptos and collect money. Use your money to acquire more cryptocurrencies, build mining rigs and farms and become a whale in the crypto-world. Along the way, market busts, crypto-booms and chance will work in your favour or against.

What is needed to play

Download all the files in this repository. Print out the board and cards. If you have an existing monopoly set use the same money and the houses and hotels as mining rigs and farms. If you don't have a monopoly set, you can find money to print here and for the totems, rigs and farms just be creative.


The rules to Cryptocoinopoly are identical to the classic game of Monopoly. However in Cryptocoinopoly rent is now a network fee and "JAIL" is now "HODL".


See the repository for the complete list of cards. Examples:

Cryptos and Exchanges

Chance and Community Chest

Wish to share some cryptos?

BTC - 1EdZugaciEU4psLqM3uj5AoUahC84aBNmx

BCH - 1EdZugaciEU4psLqM3uj5AoUahC84aBNmx (same as BTC)

LTC - LcH7epaLTtXxmZJTDf5effHVfvtW22Qbp4

DOGE - DAr3QxF1BQb2uXyPGdkv4wL7EKy9JAXMza


The Crypto trading game.




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