Provides very lightweight outcome<T> and result<T> (non-Boost edition)
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Purpose of this library

Outcome is a C++14 library for reporting and handling function failures. It can be used as a substitute for, or a complement to, the exception handling mechanism.

One use case is for contexts where using C++ exception handling is unsuitable for different reasons:

  • The high relative cost of throwing and catching a C++ exception.
  • Making some or all control paths explicitly detailed to aid code correctness auditing, as opposed to having hidden control paths caused by exceptions potentially thrown from any place.
  • Company policy to compile with exceptions disabled.
  • Maintaining a code base that was never designed with exception-safety in mind.
  • Parts of the programs/frameworks that themselves implement exception handling and cannot afford to use exceptions, like propagating failure reports across threads, tasks, fibers…

Usage as a single header file

Outcome v2 comes in single header file form. This is regenerated per commit. To fetch on Linux:


On BSD and OS X:


On Windows, simply download the raw file from above and place it wherever it suits you.

Pre Boost entry todo:

  • Raise ABI compliance checker on CI.
  • Fix up the .natvis file, and permanently solve the permuting SHA issue.
  • Fix up the C interface to use status_code.

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