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"""Using a global cache"""
import hashlib
import itertools
import re
import pytest
CACHE = {}
def salted_hash_2017(salt, i):
val = val0 = f"{salt}{i}"
if val0 in CACHE:
return CACHE[val0]
for _ in range(2017):
val = hashlib.md5(val.encode("ascii")).hexdigest()
CACHE[val0] = val
return val
def test_salted_hash_2017():
assert salted_hash_2017("abc", 0) == "a107ff634856bb300138cac6568c0f24"
def triple(s):
# Return a triple character, or None.
m ="(.)\1\1", s)
if m:
def test_triple():
assert triple("helloaaathere") == "a"
@pytest.mark.parametrize("s, t", [
("hello there all", None),
("aaa", "a"),
("0123345xxx112315zzz124xx", "x"),
def test_triples(s, t):
assert triple(s) == t
def is_key(salt, candidate):
# Is `candidate` a key?
h = salted_hash_2017(salt, candidate)
t = triple(h)
if t is None:
return False
# We have a triple. Look ahead for a quint.
for check_ahead in range(1, 1001):
h2 = salted_hash_2017(salt, candidate + check_ahead)
if t*5 in h2:
return True
return False
@pytest.mark.parametrize("salt, candidate, result", [
('abc', 4, False), # no triple
('abc', 5, False), # triple, no quint
('abc', 10, True), # a key
('abc', 22551, True), # a key
def test_is_key(salt, candidate, result):
assert is_key(salt, candidate) == result
def nth_key(salt, n):
# Find the `n`th key starting with `salt`.
num_keys = 0
for candidate in itertools.count():
if is_key(salt, candidate):
num_keys += 1
if num_keys == n:
return candidate
if __name__ == "__main__":
INPUT = 'zpqevtbw' # Yours will be different!
k64 = nth_key(INPUT, 64)
print(f"Part 2: the 64th key is at index {k64}")