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# Ned's file, loaded into interactive python prompts.
# Has to work on both 2.x and 3.x
import collections, datetime, itertools, math, os, pprint, re, sys, time
print("(imported collections, datetime, itertools, math, os, pprint, re, sys, time)")
pp = pprint.pprint
# A function for pasting code into the repl.
# Adapted from:
def paste():
import textwrap
exec(textwrap.dedent(, globals())
# Readline and history support
def hook_up_history():
# Not sure why this module is missing in some places, but deal with it.
import readline
except ImportError:
print("No readline, use ^H")
import atexit
import os
import rlcompleter
history_path = os.path.expanduser("~/.pyhistory{0}".format(sys.version_info[0]))
def save_history(history_path=history_path):
import readline
if os.path.exists(history_path):
# Don't do history stuff if we are IPython, it has its own thing.
is_ipython = 'In' in globals()
if not is_ipython:
# Get rid of globals we don't want.
del is_ipython, hook_up_history
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