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#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Put pylint violations into a SQLite database, and then query them."""
import concurrent.futures
import itertools
import os.path
import re
import subprocess
import click
import dataset
DB = 'sqlite:///pylint.db'
GIT_DIR = '/src/edx/edx-platform'
def get_database():
return dataset.connect(DB)
def get_table():
return get_database()['violation']
# Doing this oddly so I don't have to repeat the docstring...
def cli():
cli.__doc__ = __doc__
cli =
# edX pylint format, which might be different than the default.
violation_regex = r"^(?P<file>.*):(?P<lineno>\d+): \[(?P<code>\w+)\((?P<slug>[\w-]+)\), (?P<thing>.*)\] (?P<message>.*)$"
def read_report(violations, report):
inserted = 0
with click.progressbar(report, show_pos=True) as lines_bar:
for line in report:
m =, line)
if m:
data = m.groupdict()
inserted += 1
return inserted
@click.argument('reports', nargs=-1, type=click.File('r'))
def read(reports):
"""Read a pylint report into the database."""
violations = get_table()
for report in reports:
inserted = read_report(violations, report)
click.echo(f"Inserted {inserted} violations from {}")
def blame_one(file_group):
"""Run git blame on one file and return the updated rows."""
filename, rows = file_group
cmd = ['git', '-C', GIT_DIR, 'blame', '-e']
for row in rows:
cmd.extend(["-L", f"{row['lineno']},+1"])
output = subprocess.check_output(cmd, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT).decode('utf8')
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
print(f"ERROR: {cmd}")
return None
line_blame = {}
for line in output.splitlines():
# git blame output:
# 38bdcabe537 (<> 2012-08-13 23:23:13 -0700 4) import models
m ="^(?P<commit>\w+) .*\(\<(?P<author>.*)\> +(?P<modified>[-+\d: ]+) +(?P<lineno>\d+)\) (?P<source>.*)$", line)
if m:
g = m.groupdict()
line_blame[g['lineno']] = g
results = []
for row in rows:
data = line_blame.get(row['lineno'])
if data is None:
return results
def blame():
"""Use git blame to get the commit, author, and modified date for each violation."""
violations = get_table()
rows = list(violations.find(author=None, order_by='file'))
num_rows = len(rows)
file_groups = itertools.groupby(rows, key=lambda r: r['file'])
file_groups = [(f, list(d)) for f, d in file_groups]
with click.progressbar(length=num_rows, show_pos=True) as bar:
with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor() as executor:
for updates in, file_groups):
if updates is None:
for update in updates:
violations.update(update, ['id'])
def where(condition):
"""List out violations, based on a SQL where-clause."""
sql = f"select * from violation where {condition}"
for row in get_database().query(sql):
print("{gitdir}/{file}:{lineno}: {code}({slug}) {message}".format(gitdir=GIT_DIR, **row))
def authors():
"""List out all authors and their violation counts."""
sql = f"select author,count(*) as violationcount from violation group by author order by violationcount DESC"
for row in get_database().query(sql):
print(f"Author: {row['author']} - {row['violationcount']} violations")
def authorviolations(author):
"""List out violation count by a particular author."""
sql = f"select code, slug, count(code) as violationcount from violation where author='{author}' group by code order by violationcount DESC"
print(f"Violations for {author}\n")
for row in get_database().query(sql):
print(f"{row['code']}:{row['slug']} - {row['violationcount']}")
if __name__ == '__main__':