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@python @edx

Curious python programmer and web developer.

Ashish aasshhiisshh

Python Lover!!!

San Fransisco, CA

Sever Băneșiu severb

Uber Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nik Kantar nkantar

Programmer, Vim user, Python lover, Elm enthusiast, Elixir admirer.

@SimpleLegal California

Avy Faingezicht avyfain

(Costa Rica → Northwestern University → ) Once, I told a librarian that she'd be out of a job because all books would be on the internet. I was 8.

Apple San Francisco, CA

Ethan ethanhs

Student at UC Berkeley, maker who likes to program in his spare time.

Hire me! Berkeley, CA

Peter H. Froehlich phf

I teach Computer Science and Game Design at Johns Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD

HappyQQ happyqq

关注一切有趣的开源软件或作者, 重点关注网络安全、人工智能、系统软件研发等相关领域。 China

preyta preytaren

Programmer on the way

BUPT Beijing, China

Matt Granmoe granmoe

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Joe Mahoney jmahoney1024

Looking to learn more in the world of code.

NRS Quincy, MA

Nikita Voloboev nikitavoloboev

currently studying Computer Science at TU/e, interested in web and macOS development.

TU/e Eindhoven

baditaflorin baditaflorin

VoiceStories San Francisco

Ramsey markshao

Manager of Quality Engineering Docker,Python,Java

Red Shanghai

Phil Ensminger ensminger

#lego { display: block; }

Seti setivolkylany

A autodidact and enthusiast from the Earth


AlmaGrebi alma4rebi

• I Love #GNU_LINUX • Freelancer • Programmer • Developer • AdminLinux


jibin jose josejibin

product developer

Kerala, India

Reidholmes ReidHolmes

上善若水,厚德载物,人淡如菊。"Technology make the world a better place." 看得越多越沉默 但行好事,莫问前程

martian Technology hangzhou

ilozano2 ilozano2

@BeDjango @Emergya

38 jimmywilk

jai believer and Networker

@stratexution Mexico

Byungwoo Jeon byung-u


Seoul, Republic of Korea

James Pic jpic

Another plumber of internet, patriarch, and on a mission for Humanity.

@PeopleDoc Poitou Charente

Arturo Reyes Jr. nupiter

CEO at Maria POP. Software developer, open source technology enthusiast, entrepreneur.

Cali, Colombia

Hunter Hammond huntrar

University of Washington Seattle, WA

Voith Mascarenhas voith

Open Source Enthusiast

@vy-labs Gurgaon, India

Matei micumatei

Cloudbase Solutions Romania

Buthaina Buthaina2018