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Budweiser Presentation

The purpose of this group project was to explore the data of two data sets: breweries and beer.
The exploration was to answer the following questions:

  • Where are breweries located in the United States?
  • Where did we land post data clean up?
  • What is the median ABV and IBU in each state?
  • Who has the most alcoholic and most bitter beer?
  • What does the ABV distribution look like in the United States?
  • Is there a relationship between ABV and IBU?
  • Can we create a model to identify a beer as IPAs?
  • What markets are good test areas for a new beer?

Files in repo:
Budweiser EDA - Unit 9 with summary: Presentation to answer the above questions.
Budweiser Presentation.rmd: R Markdown file that contains all R code to answer the questions.
Budweiser Presentation.html: Knit output for the R Markdown file
Budweiser MD file created during the knit process.
Codebook: Book to detail the data tables used and definition of columns.
Beers.csv: Beer data, see Codebook for details.
Breweries.csv: Brewery data, see Codebook for details.
Apparent_per_capita_alochol_consumption_1977_2018.csv: Data that contains per capita consumption information, see Codebook for details. This data was pulled from: Source for per capita consumption: Kaplan, Jacob. Apparent Per Capita Alcohol Consumption: National, State, and Regional Trends 1977-2018. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2020-06-29.


Class project utilizing multiple data sets and KNN






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