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Buttons disable timeout config #193

thomasf1 opened this Issue Mar 14, 2014 · 1 comment

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I´m trying to add an undo button or link to a notification. (Inspired by item 8).

It seems noty ignores the timeout supplied when a button is set (which in most cases makes sense, just not in my use-case). Not sure that´s intentional or not. A workaround is to close the noty by ID with a setTimeout.

x = noty
  text: "Item y deleted"
  timeout: 2000 #Doesn´t work
  buttons: [
      addClass: "btn btn-primary"
      text: "undo"
      onClick: ($noty) ->
          text: "Delete aborted"
          type: "success"
          timeout: 1000

#works - delay is a helper function that calls setTimeout with reversed params (much nicher in coffee)
delay 2000, ->

I´ve worked around that now with a template. Works well, looks subtle.

aborted = false

x = noty
  text: msg
  timeout: timeout
  type: type
  template: '<div class="noty_message"><span class="noty_text"></span><a style="float:right">undo</a><div class="noty_close"></div></div>',
    afterClose: ->
      unless aborted

x.$message.find("a").click ->
  aborted = true
    text: undoMsg
    type: undoType
    timeout: 1000
@needim needim closed this Dec 29, 2014
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