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styling with css #60

loicknuchel opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Hi needim,

I just look to your new version of noty. It's a complete refactoring of the plugin !
It looks always really good but I have 2 comments :

  • it's quite bad to loose all previous themes (I really like twitter and growl)
  • with the js theming, it's more difficult to change theme :
    • I'm unable to find theme origin with the chrome inspector (I have to look everywhere in default.js)
    • theme is dispach in default.js and all layouts

For exemple, I had some trouble to find how to change top position of container...

Well done for the new modal fonctionnality, it's really good :-)


This is effectively a duplicate of #54.


@raad my bad. I confess I didn't really look others issues.


@loicknuchel - no problem =)
I think needim is working on a solution, so that's good!


Hi all, as this issue seems to have gone stale, I've refactored the themes code to use CSS instead myself. You can grab it on my fork here:


The correct link is
If your feature is completed please make a pull request to integrate it to noty repository.



The changes to the original repository are pretty substantial, and replace a lot of current functionality with breaking changes, so I'd consider this a forked project at this point. Not sure a pull request is appropriate in this case?


@Craga89 I think you need a rebase and test again first

@needim needim closed this
@needim needim referenced this issue from a commit
@needim v.2.2.0 - back-to-the-css for themes
Related issues #54 #60 #162

noty is not forcing you to include theme.js now. If your theme-name doesn't have a equal theme.js; noty will use your theme-name as a css className.

Check this demo page: demo/themeCss.html

Also; there is no backward compability issue about that. Everything works fine. But I deleted BC option overriding control in noty helper function. So you must use noty with 2.0.x options. (1.0.x options support dropped now)

Structure will be like this;
<li class="yourCustomThemeName noty_container_type_alert">
	<div class="noty_bar noty_type_alert">
		<div class="noty_message">
			<span class="noty_text">noty text/html</span>
			<div class="noty_close"></div>
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