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Make it AMD compatible. #73

klimashkin opened this Issue · 16 comments

Would like to use it with RequireJS as define module.
Possible solution is here:


:+1: +1 for requirejs


+1 for require.js


+1 now using this is just pure pain


+1 for require.js


+1 for AMD (RequireJS)


+1 for AMD version.


+1 for requirejs


+1 for requirejs


one year and no response.. @needim ?


+1 for require.js


Is this ever going to be implemented? Surprised to see it available on npm without being CommonJS or UMD compatible.


+1 for AMD support


+1 for AMD

@needim needim referenced this issue from a commit
@needim amd compability #73 2e0a79e

Can you test v2.2.10. And sorry for the delay.


@needim I'm looking at the packaged files under the archive for 2.2.10 and they do not include the code wrapper that your last commit added to the Gruntfile.
Also, I'm looking at your changes and there are still some "leading" code in the setup... I'll post some comments on your commit.

@needim needim closed this

How would I get this script to work with requirejs? I had to manually add return noty at the end of js/noty/packaged/jquery.noty.packaged.js in order to make it work when doing something like

define(['tools/noty'], function (noty) {

When I remove the return statement I get Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function when trying to execute noty({...});

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