A collection of shared file templates for use in $HOME/Templates on Linux systems
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A collection of shared file templates for use in $HOME/Templates on Linux systems

A note about the Templates directory

Despite being an XDG standard, and being available out of the box on most Linux distributions, the $HOME/Templates directory is not widely understood by new users, despite being an incredibly useful and time-saving tool.

The concept of the Templates directory is that it allows you to save files of ANY type which can serve as the starting points for creating new files. Most popular Linux file browsers, including Nautilus and Pantheon Files, automatically populate a menu when right-clicking an empty area that allows you to create a new file. This menu is populated by the files stored in your Templates folder.


These template files must be named with what you wish for the menu entry to be, and given an extension that correctly matches the file type.

For example, if I have a Python file template, I might name it Python File.py

Any content saved within the template file will be recreated when generating a new file.

Contributing to the project

Please feel free to contribute files which you find especially useful and elegant. If we feel that the quality is up to par with the rest of the repository, and could potentially be useful to multiple users (i.e. not an individualized use case) we will gladly merge the PR.

Please keep the following requirements in mind:

  • You may only include files which you have created, or files with licensing permitting us to include it in our project.
  • If you copy material from a website, you must obtain the author's permission for use specifically in this project.

Using the files

The super simple, and therefore recommended, method of using these files is to either downlaod the .zip file or clone the repository into a new directory, then select the files which would be useful for you and copy them to your Templates directory.

The files in this repository are categorized to make them easier to browse.

If you so desire, you can recreate the directory structure in your own $HOME/Templates directory, or can even copy and paste from the repository entirely. Most file browsers display these as additional menu dropdowns.