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Needle Engine Networking Server

Running locally

Starting the server

  • Option A: Run START_EXPRESS.bat
  • Option B: Open the express folder and run npm i and then npm run dev

Using the local server

  1. Start the server using one of the options above
  2. The server console should print a message like Websocket endpoint is wss://localhost:9001/socket
  3. Copy the base websocket URL and paste it into the Needle Engine Networking component: wss://localhost:9001 in the the Localhost field
  4. When you now start your Needle Engine local server the browser console should contain a log like Connected to networking backend wss://localhost:9001/socket



Google Cloud

  • Go to
  • Select Continuously deploy new revisions from a source repository
  • Click the SET UP WITH CLOUD BUILD button
  • Select your source repository (it can be this repository or a fork)
  • Click NEXT
  • Optionally change the branch that should trigger a build. By default it uses your main branch.
  • In Build Type select Go, Node, ... Google Cloud's buildpacks
  • Enter the directory where the server is located. In this case /express
  • Click SAVE
  • Select a Region where your server should run
  • Modify the Autoscaling options to your liking
  • Enable Allow unauthorized invocations
  • Click CREATE
  • You can now go to the google cloud builds page to see your server being deployed and it should shortly after be available on your cloud run URL

Afterwards you can then enter your new server URL in the Needle Engine Networking component:


Run the Needle Engine Networking server locally or host your own






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