Simple "short" url usage using go-lang
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The current application offers a local "url shortener" application written in GoLang and using Redis as a storage.

1. Installation and usage

The packages is prepared to be used either using Docker or as a stand-alone application.

1.1. Install using Docker

To run without any orchestration, you can run from the project root:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up

To build images, you can run from the specific path (docker/http or docker/redis):

docker build .

1.2. Install as a standalone

To use the application as a standalone, you can use one of the builds from /dist/ directory.

2. Usage

The application needs a config.json file that should be located in the same path as the binary.

  "port": 80,
  "redis_hostname": "redis",
  "redis_port": 6379,
  "redis_db": 0,
  "default_redirect_path": "",
  "admin_path": "/bin/needle-url/admin/",
  "basic_auth": {
    "username": "test",
    "password": "new"


Parameter Description
port The port on which the server will bind. Usually is 80
redis_hostname Redis connection hostname/IP
redis_port Redis connection PORT
redis_db Redis database used for storage
default_redirect_path Where the client will be redirected if a short url does not exists or an error occurs.
admin_path Fully qualified path to an HTML that will be used as an admin interface
basic_auth Credentials for BasicAuth to application

3. API

For documentation of the API, see docs/swagger/api.yml

4. Develop - Setup environment

  • Install Go from here
  • Clone this project
  • Run
  • Modify code
  • Run
  • Run to validate that all flows are working as it should