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🌵 Tailor-Made Tools for Creators


  1. Unity Tool showing a timeline of assembly compilation. This is especially helpful when trying to optimize compile times and dependencies between assemblies. Besides showing a graphical view of comp…

    C# 529 15

  2. Needle Engine is a web-based runtime for 3D apps. It runs on your machine for development, and can be deployed anywhere. It is flexible, extensible, and collaboration and XR come naturally. Documen…

    JavaScript 422 29

  3. Markdown-like syntax for ShaderGraph properties, to make better material inspectors

    C# 181 10

  4. custom keyframes for Unity's timeline 🎞 (interpolate lists of anything) with visual tools 🖌 and C# to computeshader binding

    C# 165 5

  5. Selectively deep profile single methods in Unity's Profiler 🔬

    C# 73 4

  6. Shader Variant Explorer lets you peek into Unity's shader compilation process to better understand the composition of shader files.

    C# 47 1



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