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Our goal is to give real value to cryptocurrencies, using them in one of the many possible legitimate ways, and among these the best is to share resources with those who are unlucky, so the main purpose of this coin is to send money and aid . Your role? Buy it, trade it, hold it, and run a masternode so you can earn and help us to develop the project. What will we do? Very simple we will send at least 30% of the coins created by blockchain in donations, we reserve 20% for future developments ,team and advertising (this is possible with our part of masternodes running). We have two big projects for needycoin, the first is to create a platform to exchange from cryptocurrencies to fiat, the second is to create the needycard to send to charitable associations, which will manage the money loaded onto it in a responsible and visible way, nothing waste!

Coin Specs :

Coin name : Needycoin

Coin ticker : ned

Hashing algorithm: Quark

Total supply : 100,000,000

Masternode collateral : 10000 ned

Block time: 360 seconds

Premine : 0.5% = 500,000

Coin maturity : 6 blocks

Minimum coin age : 2 hours

Transaction confirmation : 2 blocks

Minimum transaction fee : 0.0001/kb

Maximum block size : 4 MB

Block reward : 12.5 ned (95% for masternodes , 5% for staking)

P2P port : 7777

Rpc port : 8888

Website :
Whitepaper :
Blockexplorer :
Bitcointalk :
Reddit :
Twitter :
Discord :

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