patch file colorizer, highlights changed words (as good as it can guess)
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This is rastapatch, a patch file colorizer. Highlights changed words (as good as it can guess) in unidiff patch files.

(c) Copyright 2012 by Neels Janosch Hofmeyr, published under the General Public License v3, except for the part copied from, which is clearly marked with its own terms in the source.

Naming: I am not a Rasta in any way; the colors I chose to colorize the diffs, completely by random, ended up resembling "rasta colors", that's all.

The project home page is

Source is available at


rastapatch myfix.patch

svn diff | rastapatch - | less -R

TODO: rastapatch is not streamy yet, i.e. it reads the entire input before starting to print its output.