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v0.1 - 22/12/2010
* First release
v0.2 - 13/1/2011
* Audio degrades without error in IE
* .detach() method to undo the effects of .attach()
* Objects will detach on remove event
* Sprite maps can take optional padding values for maps with padding around objects
* Fixed a typeahead bug with controls component
* Onload functions that will be called as soon as Crafty.init() is called
* Support object to detect support for HTML5 features and others
* Loader to load assets before the game starts.
* Rotation implemented
v0.2.1 - 21/1/2011
* Global assets
* Use of '*' in selector engine to select all entities
* Bug fix for DOM elements using the mouse component
* Unit tests
* Use the inbuilt canvas background repeat (createPattern)
* SAT collision
* Window resize
* defineProperty for IE9
* Variable frame rate
* Alpha - thanks to Josh Tynjala
* areaMap will automatically offset when a polygon is passed - thanks to Adrian Gaudebert
* Drawing optimization
* persistant entities through scenes
* .visible
* Collision uses MBR, not using Crafty() use Crafty.hashMap()
* More Audio instances - thanks to Josh Tynjala
* Draggable component
* Physics component
* Loader accepts onProgress and onError callbacks with info on what is loaded and percentages - thanks to Josh Tynjala
* Window resize even on fullscreen
* Use scrollTop and scrollLeft
* Bug with .rotate()
* Fixed a collision bug
* .css() should accept both JS and CSS notation
* .requires() method for adding components if not already added
* Detect the browser ext (moz, webkit, o)
* IE rotation and transparency support
* Faster Draw Manager for canvas and Dom
* Tween component
* Fixed an error in addEvent (Leo Koppelkamm)
* Collision now has a justStoppedHitting (Leo Koppelkamm)
* Particles (Leo Koppelkamm)
* Faster mouse events
* Components now use title case
* Crafty.pause method. Invoked when leaving the window or tab
* Fixed crashing after inactivity
* Global events, use Crafty.bind and Crafty.trigger
* Repetition count for Animation component (Leo Koppelkamm)
* Fixed typeahead find bug
* .isDown() method for Controls component
* Faster scrolling for DOM and canvas
* .delay() and .requires() is chainable (sorenbs)
* .DOM() will remove the previously created DOM element
* Crafty.timer.getFPS() returns the current FPS (Leo Koppelkamm)
* Pause bug fixed
* Faster redraw for rotated entities and repeating background in canvas
* Added a Crafty.settings object
* Smaller game loop
* Started mobile support (not ready yet)
* Fixed a bug with DOM z-indexes being lower than the canvas
* Added a smaller setter function. Removed getter
* Removed unused components, Group, Health and Score.
* Fixed rotation bug for IE6
* .css bug fixed
* Added a namespace for DOM methods (Crafty.DOM)
* Fixed bug with viewport triggering mousedown twice
* Mouse events take into account the viewport
* Bugs in Draggable component fixed
* Fixed Full screen mode resize bug
v1.0 or 0.5
* Mobile support
* Test cases
* Faster DOM