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Executes `compass compile`. Use with 'grunt watch'.
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compass compile for grunt.js

This is a custom grunt.js task that executes compass compile for you and prints the COMPASS output to grunt.log.write().

  1. Call grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-compass') in your gruntfile.
  2. Configure grunt watch to watch your scss files and call the task. e.g.:

    watch: {
        files: ['assets/scss/partials/*.scss'],
        tasks: ['compass']
  3. Setup the config for compass in your grunt config, or setup a compass config file:

    • Option 1: Set the configuration for compass in your grunt.js file:

      compass: {
        src: 'assets/scss/partials',
        dest: 'assets/css/partials'

      "src" is the folder with sass/scss files. "dest" is the file where the css files will be place.

    • Option 2: Setup a compass project compass install compass
  4. You can set your custom output style like this:

    compass: {
        outputstyle: 'compressed'
  5. You can disable line comments like this:

    compass: {
        linecomments: false
  6. Run "grunt watch" and change some SASS files :)
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