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Implementation of the Literature card game:
>>> l = get_game(4)
>>> l.turn
Player 3
The game randomly started with "Player 3."
>>> l.players[3].hand_to_dict()
Suit.CLUBS: [A of C, K of C]
Suit.DIAMONDS: [2 of D, 10 of D, J of D, Q of D, K of D]
Suit.HEARTS: [A of H, 5 of H, J of H]
Suit.SPADES: [A of S, Q of S]
In a game of four, each `Player` starts with 12 `Cards`.
>>> move = l.players[3].asks(l.players[2]).to_give(Card.Name(3, Suit.DIAMONDS))
>>> l.commit_move(move)
Failure: Player 3 requested the 3 of D from Player 2
"Player 3" tried to take the 3 of Diamonds from "Player 2" and failed.
This implies that neither "Player 3" nor "Player 2" have the 3 of Diamonds.
>>> l.players[3].knowledge[Actor(2)] # l.players[3].knowledge[2] also works
K of C: <State.DOES_NOT_POSSESS: 1>
A of D: <State.MIGHT_POSSESS: 2>
2 of D: <State.DOES_NOT_POSSESS: 1>
3 of D: <State.DOES_NOT_POSSESS: 1>
The K of C and 2 of D are both owned by "Player 3," so "Player 3" can infer
that "Player 2" must not have either of those `Cards`. "Player 2" also didn't
have the 3 of Diamonds based on the outcome of the last `Move`.
>>> l.turn
Player 2
When a `Player` fails to get a `Card`, the turn moves to the `Player` whom they
>>> l.players[2].suit_knowledge[Actor(3)]
Half.MINOR Suit.CLUBS: 0
Half.MAJOR Suit.CLUBS: 0
"Player 2" knows that "Player 3" must have a `Card` in the minor Diamonds set,
since "Player 3" asked for a `Card` from that set.
from enum import Enum
import logging
from typing import Callable, Dict, List
import random
from actor import Actor
from card import (
from constants import Half, SETS
from move import Move
from player import Player
from util import PrintableDict
class Team(Enum):
EVEN = 0
ODD = 1
def get_game(n_players: int) -> "Literature":
return Literature(n_players, get_hands, random.random)
class Literature:
def __init__(self,
n_players: int,
hands_fn: Callable[[int], List[List[Card.Name]]],
turn_picker: Callable[[], float]):
Initialize a game of `n_players`.
n_players : int
The number of players in the game
hands_fn : Callable[[int], List[List[Card.Name]]]
A function that takes in `n_players` and returns `n_players` hands.
The hand for each `Player` in the `players` list will be determined
by the hand at the corresponding index in the list returned by
turn_picker : Callable[[], float]
A function that returns a number between 0 to 1 to determine the
starting player.
hands = hands_fn(n_players)
self.players = [Player(i, hands[i], n_players)
for i in range(n_players)]
self.turn: Player = self.players[int(turn_picker() * n_players)]
self.logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# `` maps `HalfSuits` to the `Team` who successfully made
# the claim. = PrintableDict({
HalfSuit(h, s): Team.NEITHER for h in Half for s in Suit
self.move_ledger: List[Move] = []
self.move_success: List[bool] = []
def commit_text(self, move: str) -> None:
Enter a `Move` as a string in the form:
{player_id} {card_name} where {player_id} is an integer
and {card_name} is of the form {value}{suit},
where {value} is A, 2, ..., 10, J, Q, K and {suit} is C, D, H, S.
Enter a claim as a string in the form:
CLAIM {player_id} {card_name} ... {player_id} {card_name}
>>> game.commit_text('1 5C')
Failure: Player 0 requested the 5 of C from Player 1
>>> game.commit_text('CLAIM 1 1D 1 3D 1 6D 3 2D 3 4D 3 5D')
move_components = move.strip().upper().split(' ')
if move_components[0] == 'CLAIM':
def commit_move(self, move: Move) -> None:
if move.interrogator != self.turn:
raise ValueError("It is {0}'s turn, not {1}'s".format(
self.turn, move.interrogator
respondent = self._actor_to_player(move.respondent)
interrogator = self._actor_to_player(move.interrogator)
success = move.card in respondent.hand
indicator = "Success" if success else "Failure"'{0}: {1}'.format(indicator, move))
# If success, transfer the card
if success:
# Otherwise, the turn changes
self.turn = respondent
# Update everyone's knowledge
for p in self.players:
p.memorize_move(move, success=success)
def _actor_to_player(self, a: Actor) -> Player:
for p in self.players:
if a.unique_id == p.unique_id:
return p
raise KeyError('There is no player with that ID')
def commit_claim(self, possessions: Dict[Card.Name, Actor]) -> bool:
Return whether or not the claim was successfully made.
If the claim was successful, note that the `Team` successfully made
the claim. We do not currently penalize incorrect claims, since the
bots will never make a claim with uncertainty.
claimed = set()
random_key = list(possessions.keys())[0]
half_suit = random_key.half_suit()
team = Team(possessions[random_key].unique_id % 2)
for c, a in possessions.items():
# Get the actual `Player` object, since `commit_claims` can
# take an `Actor`.
real_player = self._actor_to_player(a)
if c in real_player.hand:
if sum([Card.Name(r, half_suit.suit) in claimed
for r in SETS[half_suit.half]]) != 6:'Team {0} failed to claim {1}'.format(team,
return False[half_suit] = team'Team {0} successfully claimed {1}'.format(team,
for p in self.players:
# Change the turn if needed
if self.turn.has_no_cards():'{0} is out of cards'.format(self.turn))
teammates = [p for p in self.players
if p.unique_id % 2 == self.turn.unique_id % 2
and not p.has_no_cards()]
if len(teammates) == 0:
# If no teammates have any cards, the game should be finished.
# More claims might be made.
return True
self.turn = teammates[int(random.random() * len(teammates))]
return True
def print_winner(self) -> None:
""" Log the winner of the game. """
'{0} is the winner, in {1} moves'.format(self.winner,
def completed(self) -> bool:
""" Indicate whether the game is finished. """
# If all half suits are claimed, the game is over.
if all([HalfSuit(h, s)] != Team.NEITHER
for h in Half for s in Suit):
return True
# If either team is entirely out of cards, the game is over
if all(p.has_no_cards() for p in self.players if p.unique_id % 2 == 0):
return True
elif all(p.has_no_cards()
for p in self.players if p.unique_id % 2 == 1):
return True
return False
def print_player_hands(self) -> None:
for p in self.players:"{0}{1}".format(p, "*" if self.turn == p else ""))
def winner(self) -> Team:
If the game is completed, then return the appropriate `Team` as the
If the game is not completed, raise a `ValueError`.
if not self.completed:
raise ValueError('The game is not completed')
team_0 = sum([[HalfSuit(h, s)] == Team.EVEN
for h in Half for s in Suit])
if team_0 > 4:
return Team.EVEN
if team_0 == 4:
return Team.NEITHER
return Team.ODD
def _text_claim(self, move_components: List[str]) -> None:
if move_components[0] != 'CLAIM':
raise ValueError("Claims must start with 'CLAIM'")
# Pop the CLAIM keyword
if len(move_components) % 2 != 0:
raise ValueError('Players and card should occur in pairs')
claim: Dict[Card.Name, Actor] = {}
while len(move_components) > 0:
actor = Actor(int(move_components.pop(0)))
card_str = move_components.pop(0)
card = _str_to_card(rank_str=card_str[:-1], suit_str=card_str[-1])
claim[card] = actor
def _text_move(self, move_components: List[str]) -> None:
if len(move_components) != 2:
raise ValueError('The format of the move is incorrect')
player = Actor(int(move_components[0]))
card = _str_to_card(rank_str=move_components[1][:-1],
def _validate_possessions(possessions: Dict[Card.Name, Actor]):
""" Validate that the claim is defined properly. """
if len(possessions) != 6:
raise ValueError("You must specify exactly six cards' locations")
actor_teams = [possessions[k].unique_id % 2 for k in possessions]
if not all(v == actor_teams[0] for v in actor_teams):
raise ValueError('All cards must belong to the same team')
half_suits = [c.half_suit() for c in possessions]
if not all(h == half_suits[0] for h in half_suits):
raise ValueError('All cards must belong to the same half suit')
def _str_to_card(rank_str: str, suit_str: str) -> Card.Name:
rank = _map_rank(rank_str)
suit_map = {
'C': Suit.CLUBS,
'H': Suit.HEARTS,
'S': Suit.SPADES
suit = suit_map[suit_str]
return Card.Name(rank, suit)
def _map_rank(rank: str) -> Rank:
if rank == 'J':
return Rank(11)
elif rank == 'Q':
return Rank(12)
elif rank == 'K':
return Rank(13)
elif rank == 'A':
return Rank(1)
return Rank(int(rank))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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