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Impact Tween

Entity Tweening Plugin for the Impact Game Engine

Impact Tween is a plugin for the ImpactJS game engine. It allows you to add any number of tweens to an entity, each modifying any number of that entities numeric properties in the specified manner. A tween is an operation which modifies one or more properties to target values over a defined span of time. If you've used flash before, you know all about it.

This plugin modifies the base Entity class, adding methods for creating, pausing, resuming and stopping tweens and including code for automatically handling the updating of all tweens for any entity.

The Basics

Copy the tween.js file into your lib/plugins/ directory and require plugins.tween in your game class. To add a tween to an entity and start it immediately, you would do something like the following:

myEntity.tween( {pos: {x: 30}}, 2.5 ).start();

This will create a tween on the myEntity entity which will cause it's pos.x property to gradually change to 30 over the course of 2.5 seconds. You can specify as many properties in a single tween as you wish. For example:

myEntity.tween( {pos: {x: 30, y: 100}}, 2.5).start();

When you create a tween, a tween object is actually returned. You do not have to start a tween immediately. This means you can declare your tweens first and use or reuse them at any time. Example:

var myTween = myEntity.tween( {currentAnim: {angle: 2.1}}, 1.0);

Here, we created a tween that would cause the entity to rotate to 2.1 radians over a period of one second and assigned it to myTween. This allows us to start, stop, pause and resume the tween whenever we like.


Create a tween:

entity.tween( properties, duration, [settings] );
  • properties: A javascript object containing properties and values which you would like to tween to.
  • duration: Number of seconds (in game time) it should take to complete the tween animation.
  • settings: Optional. A javascript object containing additional options and settings. See Settings section for more info.

Pause a tween:


Resume a paused tween:


Stop a tween:

tween.stop( [complete] );
  • complete: If true, tween will automatically set all properties to their final values.

Pause all tweens on an entity:


Resume all tweens on an entity:


Stop all tweens on an entity:

entity.stopTweens( [complete] );
  • complete: If true, all tweens will automatically set all properties to their final values.

Chain a tween:

tween1.chain( tween2 );
  • tween2: This tween will automatically start once tween1 has completed.


  • delay: Number of seconds to wait before beginning tween once started.
  • easing: An easing function to be applied to the tween. See Easing below.
  • loop: Tween will loop according to the specified behavior.
    • ig.Tween.Loop.Revert: Properties revert to their original values at the end of the tween and start over.
    • ig.Tween.Loop.Reverse: Properties will smoothly reverse from their end values back to the starting values and start over.
  • loopCount: Number of times to loop. By default, loops will run forever.
  • onComplete: A function to be called upon completion of the tween.


A tween can be assigned an easing function which will alter the way in which the animation is run. For example, you can have your tween start slow and end fast, or start fast and end slow, or both! If an easing function is not specified, a linear operation is used by default, meaning the tween smoothly animates from beginning to end at a consistant speed. There are over 30 easing options available, so experiment! Heres the list:

  • ig.Tween.Easing.Linear.EaseNone
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quadratic.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quadratic.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quadratic.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Cubic.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Cubic.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Cubic.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quartic.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quartic.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quartic.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quintic.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quintic.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Quintic.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Sinusoidal.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Sinusoidal.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Sinusoidal.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Exponential.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Exponential.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Exponential.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Circular.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Circular.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Circular.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Elastic.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Elastic.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Elastic.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Back.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Back.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Back.EaseInOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Bounce.EaseIn
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Bounce.EaseOut
  • ig.Tween.Easing.Bounce.EaseInOut