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DsHidMini Driver v1.4.222

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@nefarius nefarius released this 12 May 12:25
· 352 commits to master since this release

v1.4.222 DsHidMini changelog

This project was only possible with the investment of many years of learning, research and dedication. You're receiving this work for free, if it brought you joy, consider giving back and spend a few coins ❤️


How to install/update/uninstall

Follow the installation guide.

How to use in emulators and games

You need to configure the driver first for best experience!

Carefully read the provided documentation to configure the driver for best game compatibility.

99% of your questions are already answered 😉

👉 About DsHidMini
👉 How to install DsHidMini
👉 Info regarding using your DS3 as a Xbox/DS4 controller with DsHidMini
👉 DsHidMini's DS4 Mode user guide


  • DS4 mode has been renamed to DS4Windows to emphasise that both driver and mentioned software are required to properly function together


  • Improved DS4 output report protocol handling (#54)
  • Refined transition logic from Bluetooth to USB connection (#14)
  • Fixed incorrect report of pairing status (#86)


  • Improved performance and maintainability (#56)
  • Added manual disconnect ability to DSHMC (#46)
    • Click the frowning emoji next to the last connected timestamp
  • Improved compatibility with Ryochan7's DS4Windows (#23, #59)
    • Important: requires at least version 3.0.4
    • HidGuardian, HidHide, Exclusive Access and similar tricks are no longer required, the emulated DS4 is now a vendor defined device, which will make it implicitly "hidden" from any other common input API other than DS4Windows
    • Various improvements in compatibility with low battery and high latency LED flash effects and rumble